Night 1: All kids, whether they are pre-registered or walk-ups, will need to be checked-in at the registration area to get their t-shirts and allergy bracelet (if applicable). Pre-registered kids will fly right through the line, and walk-ups will have to fill out a registration form upon arrival. The registration area is where kids can enter the “I Brought Food” and/or “I Brought A Friend” drawings, if they bring non-perishable food or a friend. 

Nights 2-4: If your child already has their t-shirt, they do not have to go through the registration area again! They can head right to the field when they arrive! There is a spot to drop off non-perishables outdoors, too!


Team time happens at the beginning of the night! During this time the children get to know each other and their coaches by creatively coming up with team names and cheers, making crafts, and participating in other fun get-to-know you games.


Worship Celebration: Each year at WNU the kids are introduced to songs that we use to praise and worship Jesus! They hear these songs multiple times throughout the 4 days and by the end of the week, they are fan favorites to sing and dance to!

Good Book Look: There is an overarching theme that will be taught the kids during the course of the 4 days of WNU. Each night a different teacher will present on one part of that theme. Our favorite night is night 3, as this is when the kids will hear and have a chance to respond to the Gospel message -- the life-changing news about how Jesus died for us!

Skits: What would WNU be without a little bit of silliness? Each night the kids will get to see a skit that reinforces the teachings. We have seen many characters show up at our skits like Sherlock Holmes, Batman, The Flash, Captain American, Iron Man, the Trolls, Elsa and Anna -- we can’t wait to see who will show up this year!

Small Group Response Time: During this time, the kids get to listen to God’s voice, or talk to Him about the things they have just heard during the Good Book Look. Kids will have the opportunity to answer questions about what they just heard from their small group leaders. They can also use this time to talk about any questions that they might have. 


Pie or Surprise: Kids will have the opportunity to get “pied” or “surprised” if their name is chosen. 

Messy games: This is another chance for the teams to bond by getting wet and messy (getting messy is optional for both coaches and kids). It is always fun to get your coaches dirty, right?! Some games are: Pork n Beans, Fluff Fling, Monkey Business, Sponge Bottom Wet Pants, and Splash Ball. 

Slip-n-slides: Slide coated with YUK that will make the kids fly right down. Definitely a fan-favorite activity to wrap up each night!


WNU ends at 8:30pm. The children must be picked up from their teams in the field (look for your child’s team color!). We do not allow the children to go and find their parent/ride in an effort to keep them safe. We recommend that you bring an old towel (or a garbage bag!) to cover your kids for the ride home.

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